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Custom-Made Partial Breast Prostheses

New AttitudeTM creates custom made partial breast prostheses for women with  a partial mastectomy and for women with an asymmetrical surgical breast reconstruction.

Every woman who has a partial mastectomy has a different amount of breast tissue removed. Often the breast with the diagnosis becomes much smaller than her pre surgical size and this makes it very difficult to find bras that fit because both breasts are then a different size.

Store bought partial breast prostheses do not adequately fit or restore the missing anatomy.

New Attitude creates a custom made partial breast prosthesis that replaces the exact amount of missing tissue in the exact location where the tissue was removed. Our custom partial breast prosthesis restores the missing volume and the lifts and supports the remaining breast tissue.  The New Attitude prosthesis enables women with a partial mastectomy to use regular bras and including demo cup bras and wear low necklines.


Before: A client with a right side lumpectomy (partial mastectomy), with a right breast is much smaller than the remaining healthy breast.


After: New Attitude created partial breast prostheses that replace the exact amount of tissue that was removed and so the breasts are symmetrical and normal bras can be enjoyed.

Before mastectomyBefore: It is is difficult for women to find bras that fit well after having a partial mastectomy. Pre made store bought partial breast prostheses are not able to precisely fit the surgical site and do not stay in location.
After - mastectomy

After: The New Attitude custom-made partial breast prosthesis  comfortably stays in position and lifts and supports the remaining breast tissue.