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The Process

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During your initial consultation, we provide you with all the information you need about the details of our service. We work hard to make our custom prostheses as accessible and affordable as possible. A member of our team will act as a patient advocate and help you submit the required information to your insurer to receive a prior authorization of coverage. We will also provide assistance with the letter of medical necessity you obtain from your referring physician so it contains all the information to help you obtain an approval. We will  also inform your insurance company about the benefits of the prosthesis we provide. A staff member will discuss your coverage and answer questions regarding financing.

Initial Appointment for Body Replica (1 Patient Clinical Visit Required)

The first step in designing a custom-made prosthesis is obtaining an accurate model of the patient's anatomy in the area where the prosthesis will be placed. This body replica is used to create the back-fitting surface of the custom-made prosthesis.

There are a number of different ways to obtain a copy of the patient's body. We may use a soft rubber material applied to the skin to create an impression that can give us an accurate 3D model. In some cases, we decide to use a 3D scanner to create a digital model of the patient's model. Different types of prostheses benefit from using different types of imaging

Design Appointments (1-2 Patient Clinical Visits Required)

The custom-made prosthesis is designed by first sculpting it in a material such a wax. The clinician can test the prosthesis model as it is being designed and make changes to the size, shape, and fit of the prosthesis prototype with the patient present. This method allows the clinician and patient to test the comfort, fit, and appearance of the prototype in real time before the final version is fabricated in our medical silicones. Our materials are color-matched with the patient's skin with the patient present. The initial appointment to obtain the body replica and the design appointments can be completed on consecutive days, so patients from out of town only need to make a single trip to our location and stay for two to three days.

Fabrication of the Prosthesis (No Additional Patient Visits Required)

After the patient visits, the prosthesis prototype is molded, and the final version of the prosthesis is fabricated in medical-grade materials. All the information required to create a superlative prosthesis was obtained during the design clinical appointments with the patient and no more clinical visits are needed at this stage.


Patients who are local can receive the completed prosthesis by visiting us for the final clinical appointment. Patients from out-of-town can receive the prosthesis by courier and they do not need to travel to see us to receive the completed prosthesis. During the design appointments, we will spend  time educating the patient about the care and use of the prosthesis and you will receive personalized instructions for daily care.     
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