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Custom-Made Breast Prostheses

Loosing a breast is always difficult, but with a high quality prosthetic, you'll look and feel like yourself again. Our custom prostheses are designed to be worn with regular bras, and they look and feel extremely realistic.

We make our prostheses from soft, lightweight, comfortable materials that color matched with your skin. No one will notice anything  different with your appearance. Take a look at our Facebook page to see more of our work and comments from New Attitude clients.

New Attitude creates realistic and comfortable external breast prostheses that restore the appearance and quality of life of women after a mastectomy using the latest in additive manufacturing technology.

Back of Prosthesis

Digital Mold

New Attitude’s customized breast prosthesis eliminates the problems women have with all other breast prostheses. The NewAttitude™ prosthesis stays in position, is lightweight and comfortable, restores symmetry, looks and feels realistic and allows women to wear regular bras or go braless in form fitting clothing.

Right Custom Prosthesis

New Attitude’s new proprietary material, Senolite™, is a technical breakthrough and the result of five years of research and development. Senolite™ replicates the feel of breast tissue and creates a breast prosthesis that is realistic, lightweight and comfortable. Senolite™ is proprietary to New Attitude and is not available elsewhere.