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New Attitude Custom Nipple Prostheses

New Attitude uses specialized medical silicones to create beautiful custom-made nipple prostheses that look and feel like real nipples.

New Attitude has a new proprietary process called  Invisible Edge TechnologyTM (IET) that enables us to create nipple prostheses with an ultra thin, resilient edge that transitions seamlessly with the breast.

Side of Nipple
Front of Nipple

Our clients wear the New Attitude nipple prosthesis with medical adhesive for up to one month at a time and feel they have regained the appearance of their breast and their breast reconstruction is complete.

Our nipple prostheses replicate the precise details of each woman’s individual anatomy. We work directly with each client so we can achieve the most natural looking result for them. The work can be done with the client  in one appointment.

Often a surgically reconstructed breast is not the same shape or volume as the remaining breast. As a result, the reconstructed breast requires a nipple prosthesis that is slightly different in scale with the same anatomical features of the opposite breast so it looks like a perfect match. This is why the best result in a prosthetic nipple restoration comes by working directly with the experts at New Attitude.

Every person's nipple is unique in appearance. New Attitude has the expertise and the artistry to create a nipple prosthesis that will exactly match the color, shape, texture and degree of nipple projection of the remaining nipple. It can be a perfect match.

For many women, receiving a New Attitude custom nipple prosthesis is the completion of  her  breast reconstruction and provides her with the restoration she desires.

Please contact us to inquire about our satellite locations throughout the USA and the dates we will be available in different cities throughout the United States.

Front of Nipples

A New Attitude™ custom nipple prosthesis is often made a little different that the corresponding remaining nipple. This is where our skills as artists are important. We don’t just do a straight copy of the remaining nipple because the reconstructed breast is often a different shape and size. This requires a custom nipple prosthesis that looks suitable for the exact shape and size of the reconstructed breast. We can skillfully create a custom nipple that looks like a perfect match to the opposite nipple while also looking perfectly suited to the reconstructed breast.

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Bilateral New Attitude™ Custom Nipple Prostheses

New Attitude™ creates custom nipple prostheses for women who have had both breasts removed and have a bilateral reconstruction without surgical nipple reconstruction. Theses nipples have the same artistry and attention to detail as the nipples we do for women who have a single breast reconstruction. However, bilateral nipple prostheses do not need a clinical visit and we are able to work long distance with women and they do not need to have an appointment to see us. You still have your choice of color, areola size and nipple projection. Contact us for more details.