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Body Prostheses After a Sarcoma Diagnosis

New Attitude creates realistic and functional external body prostheses that restore soft tissue deficits resulting from surgery after a sarcoma diagnosis. This type of cancer can occur in both men and women and also children. Many areas of the body parts can be affected by this disease.

New Attitude has the expertise to meet the challenges posed by these types of prostheses and we can provide solutions that one else can offer. We welcome discussing our services with anyone who requires a prosthetic restoration after surgery to remove a tumor. Call us to find out more about our services.

Below are some examples of different types of body prostheses we have created for patients. All our prostheses have a functional component as well as restoring the appearance of the patient. We are happy to discuss what we can provide for anyone requiring this type of prosthetic restoration. 


Examples of Body Prostheses

All custom-made body prostheses are designed using a copy of the patient’s anatomy. A 3D wax prototype or design model is created as part of our design process so we can test the shape, size and fit of the model on the patient before the prosthesis is made. This design process which guarantees a successful prosthetic restoration


Buttock Prosthesis

An example of a New Attitude client is a woman we worked with who had her left gluteus maximus muscle removed due to a soft tissue sarcoma. As a result, she found it difficult to sit comfortably and the anatomy where the muscle was removed was very vulnerable. New Attitude successfully created a soft tissue prosthesis that restored her shape. The prosthesis moved with her body and enabled her to sit comfortably and  kept her spine in alignment which helped to resolve her discomfort.

New Attitude created a prosthesis to replace the left buttock. (The gluteus maximus muscle was removed.) The prosthesis stays in position with normal shape wear undergarments or tight fitting clothing.
New Attitude can invent a new type of prosthesis for clients with specific needs.  We created a left buttock prosthesis for this patient which supported the pelvis and stayed in position as she sat and walked.

Shoulder Prosthesis

New Attitude has the experience and creativity to come up with solutions even if we are doing a type of prosthesis for the first time. A client presented with a shoulder defect that was a result of surgery for a left shoulder chondro sarcoma. New Attitude started with a copy of her anatomy in the area where the prosthesis is placed. We then created a wax prototype which we could shaped and modified with the client present. This allowed us to test the movement of her left arm and see how the prosthesis looked beneath clothing. Afterwards, we made the prosthesis using our own proprietary materials. The restorative lightweight prosthesis stays in position with just the pressure of a bra strap.


A New Attitude client after surgery for a chondro sarcoma in the left shoulder

The completed prosthesis is fabricated in a comfortable lightweight medical silicone
Left shoulder

New Attitude created a custom-made left shoulder prosthesis that successfully restored the missing anatomy and provided a protective cover.

Calf Cover Prosthesis

New Attitude has worked with several clients who had surgery for a sarcoma in the leg. We can design a prosthetic calf coverthat restores the missing tissue and provides a protective cover. The prosthesis is comfortable and stays in position with the support of regular stockings

Left Leg
A scan was taken of the client’s left leg. Most of the soft tissue removed as part of her sarcoma treatment.
Calf Cover

New Attitude used 3D modeling software to design a  prosthetic calf cover  that restored the exact shape of the client’s left leg . The prosthesis gives her more choice in the clothing she wears.