New Attitude 


New Attitude combines art with technology to develop new types of silicone body prostheses that are expertly crafted for each person we work with. We have a profound expertise in materials and fabrication techniques that we have acquired during our many years of working with people to create custom prostheses.  See why we have a New Attitude.


Our Mission

We combine art and technology to offer uncompromising quality and innovation so people who are missing a part of their body can restore their appearance and regain function and their quality of life.


Restoring The Appearance

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New Attitude creates custom made prosthetic devices that restore a person’s appearance after the loss of a body part due to a disease, an accident or for those with a congenital condition. We provide options for those who can't have reconstructive surgery and we work closely with physicians to ensure their patients receive the prosthetic options that work best for them.

Our Ongoing Research

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New Attitude is presently developing new types of prosthetic devices that can also function as wearable technology platforms that are embedded with new sensing technologies.  We are also investigating virtual design methods so patients can have access to custom prosthetics regardless of location.

Applying New  Technology

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New Attitude uses new technology and materials to create advanced prosthetic devices in a manner not available elsewhere. We combine 3D scanning and 3D printing technologies with an in depth knowledge of materials and patient anatomy to create solutions that enhance the quality of life of our clients.

Our Prostheses

Art Meets Innovation

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Breast Prostheses

Custom Breast Prostheses After Breast Cancer

Body Prostheses

Expertly Crafting Body Prostheses

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Facial Prostheses

Realistic and Functional Facial Prostheses

Foot Prostheses

Designing Prostheses To Help The Foot


Support NewAttitude

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New Attitude is committed to always providing the best prosthetic devices to those in need and we continuously fund our own R&D and testing of new materials and technologies. Support our work by buying a T-shirt or other items from our online store and support our unique combination of art, technology and medicine. All sales go to support our work and fund our research so we can continue to innovate and provide exceptional service to our clients. Support our New Attitude


Custom Breast Prostheses

Restoring Anatomy Without Surgery

New Attitude creates lightweight comfortable and realistic custom breast prostheses that restore a woman’s appearance after surgery for breast cancer without the risk of having additional reconstructive surgery.


3D Printed Finger Prosthesis

Designing a Functional Prosthesis

A thumb prosthesis was designed by New Attitude and printed in titanium for a client who injured her hand in a work related accident. The prosthesis fits securely over a short amputation stump and restores the  length of the thumb and function to the hand, in addition to being a beautiful decorative piece of functional art



The work New Attitude does is exciting, Ms. Healey is possibly the most intelligent, caring and compassionate professional I have met in my years working to communicate vital healthcare issues.

Corby Luke, Enginears Inc., Toronto, Canada

Your prosthetics are one of a kind and are in fact works of art.  In working with me, you made me feel whole again.  . I feel privileged for having had the opportunity to watch the process that is so unique to you

CB, Rhode Island, USA

An exceptional woman and Artist. The time with her as she created Prosthetics for me were exciting and healing. I was transformed. Irene has a calm quiet caring way and goes to great lengths to ensure an exceptional outcome.

JL, Toronto, Canada


Please get in touch with any questions. We offer a free phone or video consultation.